My moving experience

By on Feb 22, 2017 in Trasloco | 0 comments

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When my family and I decided to move we weren’t just going to move from one area to another, we were leaving the country. We were going to sell the house and all the furniture in it. It would have been impossible to ship all our belongings let alone fit in a new, smaller place.
At the beginning I didn’t think much of it. I honestly thought I had very few things and that most of them were going to be left behind. So I wasn’t packing. I didn’t think I was in any hurry, we had less than 7 months, plenty of time. At this point Claudia comes to check out the situation and she wasn’t as relaxed as I was. She kept repeating me that we have so many things we aren’t aware of, ‘no’ I told her clearly ‘I am constantly decluttering, I do not have so many things!’
She wanted to help, but I thought she just didn’t understand I was different. Libreria decluttered
I did not have so many things, period. Finally I give in and accept her help, she brings over a x number of boxes just to show me. I didn’t start packing because it was too early but she convinced me just to have a look at how many boxes I would need for my wardrobe, not my husband’s or my son’s, just mine. That made me laugh, I had very few things.
We start with summer clothes, I wasn’t going to need those and after 4 boxes (misura) I wasn’t even half way through.
I started getting nervous. She told me not to worry.
She would help. 
She gave me deadlines, every two weeks I would pack a XX number of boxes. We went through the entire house dividing it in departments each and every one had to be checked and emptied, every one, basement as well. Then we catalogued all the furniture and books I was going to sell.
At this point I wasn’t going to discuss it but I thought it was a waste of time and yet I was wrong again.
By cataloging the books and having the list on PDF when we needed to sell them I had to just email the list to whom ever was interested. All of our dishes, glasses, mugs and cups, what ever fragile object we had was shipped in one piece and arrived in one piece. Claudia was there every step of the way, by phone or in presence, cheering me up and physically helping me. I can not thank her enough, I can try but I don’t think it is ever going to be enough.
She made it possible.


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